32: Lessons from a Candy Startup

I sat down with Ryan Condie (we were standing actually, but it sounds weird to say “I stood up with Ryan Condie”), a serial entrepreneur who founded a fudge and chocolate company. He and his partners built a factory, produced sweets and sold them wholesale throughout the country.

In this Part 1 or 2 interview we discussed lessons he learned from starting a company, including how he chose his partners, researched his market, tweaking his business plan and several things he would have done differently.



1:00 – How he got the idea and tested it.
2:00 – Conditions and assumptions and dealing with free samples and giveaways
2:35 – Tweaking the business model
3:00 – Market research & leveraging talent
3:40 – Lessons learned
5:45 – Picking a complimentary business partner
7:20 – Advice from a founder : picking an industry, a product, testing the market, how to save time
8:30 – Build an audience
9:40 – Final tips about choosing a partner & contracts, especially in a family business


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