Getting & Preparing for Speaking Gigs



One of the best ways to build both your personal brand and get the word out about your company is to speak at events – both large and small.

It’s not easy getting a good speaking gig, but it can do wonder to build your authority.

In this episode we talk about how to build your speaking CV to get those gigs, how to approach conferences to get a speaking slot and tips for preparing your talk.


0:40 – How Bry got into public speaking.

1:35 – Why he was asked and how you can do it.

2:30 – What conferences look for, what you need to prepare.

3:40 – Think of something you can teach that’s different from everyone else.

4:15 – Look to fill the gaps.

6:15 – Bry’s process for preparing speaking material. What NOT to do.

7:40 – How Steve Jobs presented.

8:00 – Trajan’s process for preparing speaking material using keywords.

9:15 – Using the Clock app.

9:30 – The 3 Act Outline.

11:20 – Pitching during your speech and not holding back.

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