Creating Stunning Photos and Videos

Build Your Brand and Increase Sales with Better Video and Photos

Video is the new battleground on the Internet.  Facebook, Google/YouTube and pretty much every news and content site online is using more and more video to engage audiences.  In fact, we primarily use video to not only teach courses, but to communicate with and engage our audience.

Knowing how to create great looking, high quality videos is an important part of any business with a content marketing strategy.

This course is taught by internationally reknowned Master Photographer and videographer, Bry Cox.

Bry says, ‘Part of being a Master Photographer is giving back to the industry by teaching and helping other photographers raise their level of quality. I write books, record tutorials, I mentor, and I speak all over the United States (and sometimes abroad) at photographic conventions.”


Course Outline (9 videos + equipment guide) :

  • Camera options
  • Gear for stability & movement
  • Lighting & color temp
  • Audio recording
  • Second camera
  • Typical camera audio setup
  • Frame rates & quality
  • Overall tips
  • Bonus: equipment checklist

Here’s an abbreviated list of some his awards and certifications:

  • Master Photographer (M. Photog. PPA)
  • Photographic Craftsman (Cr. Photog. PPA)
  • Certified Professional Photographer (CPP PPA)
  • Gold Medal Winner out of 25,000 International Photographers
  • 4 Time National Photographer of the Year
  • Both Photographer of the Year &
  • Master Photographer of the Year in Utah
  • 8 Time Winner Fuji Masterpiece Award
  • 7 Time Winner Kodak Gallery Award
  • 2 Time Winner ASP Elite Award (called the “Best of the Best”)
  • Adobe Software Partner
  • Capitol Records uses Cox Images
  • Fuji Film Ads use Cox Images
  • PocktWizard Ads use Cox Images
  • National and international magazines use Cox Images

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