Facing the music

Online we can collect so much data – customer data, website visit data, prospects, email, ecommerce, etc. Using data to find out where you are and then doing something about it will help you improve by noticing trends that you may not have thought about.

It’s not easy taking an objective look at your company’s performance, but data let’s us do that. The numbers don’t lie. We tend to focus most on what is working because it’s easiest and makes us feel good, but it doesn’t help us grow.

Progression comes from knowing what’s working and what’s not and making adjustments and improvements.

Here are some quick tips for tracking and adjusting:

  1. Install Google analytics or any other kind of relevant analytics and review them regularly.
  2. If you videos, host them on Wistia or Youtube or a site that has analytics.
  3. A/B test your website.
  4. Track all the data you can, even if there’s no easy software for it.
  5. Schedule a regular time to review the analytics and discuss it with your team or advisors.

Most importantly, be held accountable. Join the community to get training on analytics and be held accountable by peers who can help hold you accountable.

What do you track regularly?

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