Writing an Effective Pitch Deck

Image Writing an Effective Pitch Deck

Course Overview

Creating an effective pitch deck can make or break whether or not you get funding from investors. ┬áIn this course, we’ll cover the importance of a pitch deck and what slides should be included, along with things that should be included and what you shouldn’t say in a pitch.

We’ll cover:

  • The 2 most important slides in a deck.
  • Identifying a problem and providing a solution.
  • Why it’s so vital to show your traction.
  • Your revenue model.
  • Optional slides.
  • What you should do and not do.


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Lessons in This Course

Module 1 Creating an Effective Pitch Deck
Unit 1 The Purpose of a Pitch Deck and Why You Need One
Unit 2 The Introduction Slide
Unit 3 The Management Team
Unit 4 Present the Solution, Define Market & Competition
Unit 5 Traction
Unit 6 Revenue Model (How you'll make money)
Unit 7 Option Slides
Unit 8 Do's & Don'ts