Ideal Customer Service & Culture

Image Ideal Customer Service & Culture

Instructor: Scott Porter – Founder, San Diable Artisan Churros

Scott Porter is a seasoned executive with many startups under his belt.  He is currently the founder of San Diablo Artisan Churros, the first high-end churro company in Utah.  He was a co-founder of Surf, responsible for overall marketing and member experience strategy and implementation for disruptive innovator, start-up all-you-can-fly airline.  

He gained his extensive experience in customer service and culture as executive director of a nursing home company where he spearheaded the turnaround of 58-bed SNF from bankruptcy to profitability with outstanding clinical care and results, high resident/family satisfaction levels and positive reputation.

In this course, he walks you through the same system he has implemented successful in all his startups since 2011.



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Lessons in This Course

Module 1 Ideal Customer Service
Unit 1 Introducing Scott Porter
Unit 2 Lessons from Tacos Stands in Tijuana
Unit 3 Enlightened Hospitality & Fostering Culture
Unit 4 Leadership Alignment to the Customer Experience
Unit 5 Loyalty example
Unit 6 3 steps to Create a Transformative Customer Experience
Unit 7 Culture is Defined or Evolves
Unit 8 Establish Standards from the Hiring Process
Unit 9 Establish Your Vision
Unit 10 Implementation
Unit 11 Missing the Mark
Unit 12 Monitoring Frequency
Unit 13 Falling Short - The Human Experience
Unit 14 Recovering from Service Failure
Unit 15 JetBlue's Manifesto of Passenger Rights

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