How to Negotiate

Image How to Negotiate

Instructor:  Joshua King, Attorney

Joshua King is a collaborative attorney with a keen understanding of the theory and practice of communication, negotiation, mediation and dispute systems design, particularly in the context of relational and organizational management and administration. Josh has consulted and worked with universities, the Utah State Legislature, Utah Attorney General’s Office and many organizations and individuals on effective dispute system design and conflict management.

He has extensive experience facilitating dialogue with stakeholders, brokering agreements, and drafting proposed legislation. Josh has mediated over 1000 conflicts and regularly presents at conferences and workshops around the country. He has a proven ability to constructively engage with others to build meaningful and valuable relationships and manage conflict and negotiations creatively, efficiently and effectively.

In this course he covers the negotiation strategies he uses to resolve disputes for clients, who include corporations, cities and states.


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Lessons in This Course

Module 1 How to Negotiate
Unit 1 Introducing Attorney Joshua King
Unit 2 Alternative Dispute Resolution
Unit 3 Negotiations
Unit 4 Aligning Interests
Unit 5 Playing Poker
Unit 6 BATNA and how it strengthens your position