Developing a Pricing Strategy

Image Developing a Pricing Strategy

Most startups guess about pricing. In a small company, it’s set by the boss or the founding partners. This is a mistake because pricing has an effect on your brand and revenue.

In this course, we’ll cover how to property set your price, when to change it and how to change it to maximize your revenue and sales.

Everything but pricing is cost related. Pricing is all about revenue. Do you want to be Walmart or Nordstrom? There’s no wrong answer. It’s a question of positioning and branding.


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Lessons in This Course

Module 1 Developing a Pricing Strategy
Unit 1 An Introduction to Pricing
Unit 2 Understanding prices
Unit 3 Consumer Psychology
Unit 4 Select your pricing objective
Unit 5 Setting your price - determine demand elasticity
Unit 6 Setting your price - establish your cost