Developing a Marketing Strategy

Image Developing a Marketing Strategy

A business plan is the first document most founders write when starting a company, but most miss what is arguably the most important accompanying strategy document – the marketing plan.  After all, without a solid marketing strategy the business plan will be useless.

Marketing strategy is not just about selling stuff.  That’s sales.  Marketing is much more encompassing.  It’s the driver of your business and touches your prospects and clients along every step, from sales to customer service.

This course is based on lectures taught by Trajan King at the MBA program where he is an adjunct professor.  It’s based partially on concepts from the book “A Framework for Marketing Management” by Kotler & Keller. 


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Lessons in This Course

Module 1 Developing a Marketing Strategy
Unit 1 Marketing Strategy Intro
Unit 2 What is marketing, really?
Unit 3 Is Marketing Just Selling Stuff?
Unit 4 The Marketing Mix
Unit 5 Define Who You Are
Unit 6 SWOT Analysis
Unit 7 Long-term Customer Value
Unit 8 Identifying Market Segments
Unit 9 Creating Brand Equity
Unit 10 Competitive Advantage
Unit 11 The Customer Value Hierarchy
Unit 12 Differentiation
Unit 13 Market Testing Products

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