Choosing & Validating a Product

Image Choosing & Validating a Product

Instructor: Trajan King, founder of 15 companies, adjunct MBA professor

Selling a product and building a company starts with the first step: choosing and validating the product.  Before you waste valuable time and money building a product, it’s imperative to find out if anyone wants it and will pay for it.

This course covers how to validate your idea without spending a lot of time and money.  It’s designed to save you a lot of headache and get your idea off the ground quickly.


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Lessons in This Course

Module 1 Choosing & Validating a Product
Unit 1 Introducing Choosing & Testing a Product
Unit 2 Solve a Problem
Unit 3 Brainstorm an Idea
Unit 4 Identify Demand
Unit 5 Focus
Unit 6 Building an MVP
Unit 7 Where to Sell
Unit 8 Crafting Your Story
Unit 9 A/B Testing
Unit 10 Continuous Development
Unit 11 Taking Steps
Unit 12 Revenue!