Building an Audience 1 person at a time


We hear 3 very common problems from startups in our community:  they’re not getting enough followers, not getting enough engagement from followers and they don’t have enough clients.

These are all related to building a loyal audience and cultivating the audience by engaging with them one-on-one.  Or in sale speak – a pipeline.  

Everyone wants to have the fan base or audience of Taylor Swift, but few are willing to engage with their audience the way she does.  Follow her on social media and you’ll soon see what I mean.  She is constantly sending fans messages, personalized videos and even showing up at their houses or hospitals when a fan is sick.  She engages like no other superstar and she’s got the dedicated fan base to show it.

How did she get that loyalty?  She showed that each fan is important.  She doesn’t need to personally visit with each one, but by consistently interacting with fans and showing she cares about them, it shows everyone else that she listens to her audience.

Your business is no different.  Building an audience one person at a time is what we discuss in this episode.


0:20 – Big 3 problems we hear: Not getting enough followers, engagement or clients.

1:00 – Building an audience.

1:30 – Relationships matter.

1:45 – 4 Tips: have a daily system

2:10 – Post valuable content that shows authority, personality and value.

2:40 – Connection first, sell later.

2:50 – ENGAGE!

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Making great content is just the first step.  Sharing it, distributing it and gradually building an audience of people who care about your product and brand is what really grows a company.

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