The 4-Step Content Marketing Process


“Wow, you create a lot of content. I see your brand all over the place.  Tell me more about your business.”  

I get a comment like this from a friend nearly weekly.  Or better yet, people see our content and want us to do the same thing for them.

It’s been said many times that content is king.  It’s how you get your message to the public and build an audience of people who care about your brand.

Creating content, however, is very time consuming, so in this episode we share the process we follow to repurpose content for multiple channels, share and distribute it and engage with an audience.


0:00 – Our content marketing process revealed. We schedule the filming, writing and posting every week.

2:00 – We stay about 1 month ahead of schedule.

2:25 – We use Wistia over YouTube due to branding and analytics.

3:00 – Upload and schedule to post on Facebook, YouTube, blog.

3:20 – Marketing the content – Facebook and schedule distribution using MeetEdgar. Sharing it at different times.

4:50 – Publish to Twitter nearly hourly because of the speed of the stream.

5:20 – Engage! Interact with people to have a discussion around your content.

6:20 – Refine using analytics.

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Making great content is just the first step.  Sharing it, distributing it and gradually building an audience of people who care about your product and brand is what really grows a company. 

Those are all things our course creators have experience with.  We’ve created nearly 2 dozen companies between us.  Join us today to learn how you can do it to!