Lessons learned from 50 video podcast episodes

We’ve recorded 50 episodes and in this show we cover some of the lessons learned.  Whether you’re a veteran at producing video and audio content or a newbie, we hope you pick up something you can implement in your content.

Do you have a podcast?  Feel free to share it below.  What have you learned?


1:00 – Experiment and learn as you go. Doing helps you learn.

2:40 – Bry’s first video lesson: don’t stutter or wing it completely.

3:40 – Prioritize being natural over perfect. We do everything in one take so we don’t pre-judge content and help us be more natural.

5:30 – People like to feel a connection to speakers.

6:30 – We’re always asking for feedback and trying to improve.

7:40 – Toastmasters can help you in public speaking. Trajan killed is in public speaking.

8:40 – One tip: Just do it. Then practice over and over.

9:05 – The process of preparing a speech.

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